The Social Work Development Unit (SWDU) was established in 2005 by social work staff in the School of Applied Social Studies at University College Cork to actively develop and enhance the profession of social work in Ireland. The aims of the SDWU are to.

  • Facilitate, strengthen and support the profession of social work both within the University, and wider national and international community
  • Support the professional representative organisation - Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW)
  • Act as a resource for social work practitioners who wish to pursue research interests and activities, conference presentations and publish papers
  • Co-ordinate conferences and presentations under the SWDU umbrella to enhance the profile of the Department and social work Create and develop social work teaching resources
  • Engage with the media on issues related to social work and social justice
  • To work collaboratively as a staff group by mentoring and supporting each other

SWDU Membership
Eleanor Bantry White, Dr Kenneth Burns (Chairperson), Dr Carmel Halton, Mary Hurley, Hilary Jenkinson, Dr Debby Lynch (Secretary), Dr Simone McCaughren, Ruth Murray and Caroline Shore. Click here to review staff members’ webpages.

Contact us
Dr Debby Lynch, SWDU Secretary, School of Applied Social Studies, William Thompson House, Donovan’s Road, Cork, Ireland.

Website Design:
The SWDU website was created by Kenneth Burns, Social Work Development Unit, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork, Ireland. Email:

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